Hang Hau Unicorn Dance Training Workshop

Secondary and tertiary students are welcome

As an educational institution in Sai Kung District, and also a member of Hang Hau. South China Research Center and Joint Association of Traditional Hakka Unicorn in Sai Kung and Hang Hau, Hong Kong are planning to organize the Hakka unicorn dance workshop in the University to foster understanding and participation.

Hang Hau Unicorn Dance Training Workshop

The traditional Hakka Unicorn Dance has been practised for more than 200 years. The Hakka people believe the Chinese unicorn, the qilin, is an auspicious animal that can ward off evil and bring good luck. So, on all celebratory occasions such as Chinese New Year, weddings, birthday parties, the rehabilitation of an ancestral hall, moving into a new home, welcoming guests, the jiao festivals and birthdays of deities, there would invariably be a unicorn dance. Since the Hakka people had brought it to Hong Kong and fused it with local traditional music and martial arts, the unicorn dance has developed its own styles and sequence of movements. Hang Hau Hakka unicorn dance was inscribed onto the fourth national list of ICH in 2014.




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